NAME:  Debra Jadick
NURSERY NAME: Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery
YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 11 years’ experience
SPECIALIZING IN:  Custom Reborn, Ethnic Reborns, Reborn Repair, Reborn Remakes, Alternative Reborns, Memorial Babies, Portrait Babies, Group and Private Ethnic and Caucasian Classes. I create any available kit on the market and I can do any skin coloring.
TYPE OF PAINTS USED: GSHP (Genesis Heat Set Paints)
HAIR:  Rooted
PRICE RANGES:  Prices start at $599.99 + shipping and go up from there based on the kit and the size of the kit that you would choose.
PAYMENT TYPES ACCEPTED:  PayPal, Credit Cards, Walmart to Walmart
Before any payment is made I do require a contract to be signed. Invoicing is done through PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to use the invoicing system.
LAYAWAYS: I offer layaways on all orders including the classes that I offer. Layaway payments usually range of $112.99 to $125.99 per month. The amount of months will vary depending on the full order.
Length of time: This will vary based on the amount of clients that are ahead of you, how long your payment plan is for etc. You will know the completion date before signing the contract.
OTHER INFO: You will also have both my cell and home phone numbers if you should have any questions or concerns