Heloisa by Priscilla Lopes



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HELOISA by Priscilla Lopes.  BLANK vinyl kit.  On back order 

  LIMITED edition  

  • Awake twin Heloisa comes in at 16” long. 
  • OPTIONAL unique tummy plate must be added to cart
  • full limbs 
  • cloth body included
  • 200 kits only in the early release edition.   800 kits in the limited edition.   No more kits will ever be made 
  • eyes 18mm not included.
  • tummy plates are $10 plus shipping will be added if purchased alone. 
    total price is $109.99 for the kit only 

Don’t forget to get her twin Helena!!  

 early release vinyl edition of 200 kits.  Regular limited vinyl edition will be 800 kits, for a total edition of 1000 kits only.  EVER.  A TRUE limited edition. 

Silicone edition possible.