Enno by Melanie Gebhardt



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BLANK vinyl kit

* Name: Enno

* First Limitation: 500 pcs. world-wide. There might be a second open limitation at a later date

* Producer: Kits So Real Germany

* Doll artist: Melanie Gebhardt (Germany)

* Size approx: 19" (48 cm)

* Limbs Original Cuddle-Version #1: short ¼ arms, short ¼ legs

Limbs of Mathilda Version #2: full 1/1 arms, full 1/1 legs

* suitable bodyslip included

* Vinyl: SoReal! Soft Touch Vinyl, produced in China, Phthalate-free

* ETA: July 2021

BLANK kit.  Unpainted and not assembled

PRE-ORDER.  NOT IN STOCK.   Deposits are non refundable and non transferable.