NINO by Vincenzina Care



Sorry, this item is out of stock

 BLANK unpainted and NOT assembled.  Regular Edition orders begin September 25th

FIRST DWARF KIT EVER!!!!  How exciting!!!!

  • Nino is 19-20 inches long (revised) but wears 0-3 mo. clothing.  Remember, he is a dwarf and has a larger head/torso and shorter limbs. 
  • Full chubby limbs
  • Eyes: closed
  • Cloth body INCLUDED
  • TIME LIMITED edition.   Regular edition will be open for 1 year and then closed forever.   

PRE-ORDER.  Kits are not in stock.  You are reserving your kit, Pictures are of clay sculpt.  Vinyl prototype pics will be added once they are complete.  

NO LAYAWAY on Deposits.  You may use the layaway feature for full price orders only.  Any layways on the deposit amount will be refunded cancelled.   Thank you. 

BLANK vinyl parts   You receive a blank head, full arms, full legs, cloth body and COA