NINO by Vincenzina Care




BLANK unpainted and NOT assembled.  Vinyl kit.  

FIRST DWARF KIT EVER!!!!  How exciting!!!!

  • Nino is 19-20 inches long (revised) but wears 0-3 mo. clothing.  Remember, he is a dwarf and has a larger head/torso and shorter limbs. 
  • Full chubby limbs
  • Eyes: closed
  • Cloth body INCLUDED
  • TIME LIMITED edition.   Regular edition will be open for 1 year and then closed forever.   
  • FULL PRICE:  $114.99

Pictures are of clay sculpt and prototype examples.

BLANK vinyl parts   You receive a blank head, full arms, full legs, cloth body and COA   
Deposit of $30 is non refundable even if you pay in full 

ON BACK ORDER, not in stock!!