Tru Born


Sorry, this item is out of stock

Sculpted by Vincenzina Care of Chenza Dolls. NOT IN STOCK

  • 19 inches long
  • Full Limbs
  • Cloth body included
  • Requires 18mm eyes (not included)
  • BLANK VINYL KIT                                                                                                         
  • Due to the uniqueness of this sculpt, STANLEY IS A LIMITED TIME order.  NOT a set limited edition.  He will be available to order for 12 months, and then his edition closed forever!   COA's are not numbered. 

*Vinyl is not intended to be heated.  It can become damaged/defective.   We cannot guarantee vinyl that has been heated.   

Unpainted, UNassembed blank kit.  

NOT IN STOCK! NEW STOCK ON THE WAY!  This is considered a pre-order/back order